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Skep weaving 

In the past bees were commonly kept in straw skeps, often lovingly prepared by the beekeeper himself in the quiet months of winter. Since beekeepers adopted the wooden box hive, the art of weaving had lost it's necessity. But keeping bees in skeps, is now once again becoming more popular.

We grow our own rye, an old variety of rye grass, Sint Jans Rogge. This grows up to two meters tall, perfect for weaving. As we don't use any chemicals, the straw is completely biological and eco friendly.

We make and provide small skeps, that can sit on top, of our hives, inside the box, and serve as a small, natural vessel for the bees to leave a little honey.

In late summer we will organise weaving classes. The number of people that can join us is limited to the amount of good grass we harvest. Don't hesitate to register your interest with us in taking part now to guarantee your place.

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