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Custos Apium Hives, prices and options

Custos Apium Hive 

Complete hive (brood box, upper box, top bars in brood box) clad in douglas fir €290,-

Optional inclusive in price: set of frames to fit in upper box, for a small honey take.


All hives are waterproofed and treated using a boiled linseed and beeswax treatment.

Rewilding hive

Hive purely for rewilding and preservation. No honey take. €240,-

Log hives

Unique and individual loghives made upon request. Prices range from €275 to €350,-

Stands and special brackets

We can provide a stand or a special bracket for your hive to suite you, your garden and location.

Prices range from €45 to €75.

We can also help with building a platform in your tree, just ask for possibilities and options.

Buying your Hive 

When you come to buy your hive from us, we will of course explain in detail how the hive works and how and where to put it up. We will show you our apiary and discuss the best spots and ways to install the hive at your property. 


We can come to look at your garden to see where best to place the hive and deliver your hive. Includes an explanation of the hive.

We can deliver the hives to the Netherlands and Belgium a few times a year.

Not buying a complete hive, but still want to help?

If you don't want or can't have a hive in your garden, but would still like to help the honey bee, have a look at the options for sponsoring or adopting a hive.


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