Custos Apium Hive

Providing bees with a suitable hive is one of the key elements in our way of looking after bees. In nature, bees/swarms will nestle in cavities in trees, with thick walls surrounding the nest. The entrance is often a small hole up in the tree. It's dry, warm and naturally well insulated. Our Custos hive mimic as close as possible these natural conditions and is far removed from the modern commercial hive conventional beekeepers keep their bees in. We believe that keeping bees in square hives, with walls often no more then two centimetres thick, with an open plastic bottom and no insulation above or around the nest, contributes to a weaker colony. We want to avoid these conditions by providing better hiving.

When bees live in a warm hive, suitably shaped and of the right dimensions, they have a far better chance to survive in all weathers and conditions, stay strong and healthy and thus able to cast swarms every year. Offering bees an abode that answers to their needs will really help towards having more healthy colonies. It's an indispensable part of our believes, our system and what we do at Custos Apium.


How our hive works

The main body of the hive is specifically shaped to the dimensions that bees prefer and what has been established in recent research. The internal volume is large enough for the bee super organism to sustain themselves year round. This space is truly and wholly for the bee. We never enter it, break open the seal or lift out combs. 

While the main body gives the bees enough space to build and store, it's also perfectly sized for them to cast a swarm every spring to reproduce. We learn more and more about the importance of swarming at the right time. For reproduction, but also for the health and well beeing of the colony.

The main body of the hive is insulated with cork and wrapped in a breathable fabric to guarantee it's weather proof. It's warm in winter and cool in summer. The inside is rough to allow them to cover it with a propolis (antimicrobial) shield.

Equally, we meet more and more people looking for a different way of beekeeping, less intrusive, less intensive more friendly for the bees and more natural. A simpler way of looking after bees and not driven by honey harvests. Our hive gives you the chance to have bees, enjoy them and take a small amount of honey without any intrusion into the hive, and leave them do their own thing throughout the seasons and throughout the years.

Offer bee swarms a nesting site

With the dimensions and design of the hive perfectly adapted to the bees preferences, we use this hive very successfully to naturally attract swarms in spring and early summer. We place the hive in a high position, a tree, or on a high stand, safely secured, and wait for scouting bees to find it. Once a swarm has moved in, it becomes a completely natural and suitable permanent bee home. 

In this way, our hive is also perfectly suitable if conservation is your main aim. By placing this hive in your garden, or on your property, you offer them a home if a swarm may be looking for one. Once the bees have moved in, you can enjoy their presence, benefit from their pollination work, or just sit and watch natures wonder at work. The best and easiest way to have bees in your garden.

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