Rewilding the honey bee

As our journey with bees continued, our knowledge grew and our focus changed, we soon learned about feral bees and bees living in the wild. We realised that with deforestation, and big trees being cut down, the natural habitat of bees was getting lost. Bees are building their nests in for people often inconvenient places, or hang in a cluster for several days before being able to find a suitable site.

We were confirmed in this idea as soon as we started to put up empty hives, or bait hives, soon these hives were found by bees.

We now have several hives in a 50 kilometre radius around us. All with bees in them, all left alone, all thriving. They will cast out swarms in spring,  and hopefully will continue to reproduce for many years.

In this way, we hope to help with the preservation of the honey bee by assisting feral (survivor bees) and in broader terms, help the environment and secure our future within it.

We would like to continue putting up hives to help bees and are looking for participants to extend our range and rewilding program. If you would like to take part please contact us. By buying a share in a hive, or sponsoring a complete set up, you are contributing in a big way to help preserve the bees. If you would like, we will share the fact that you are sponsoring us. 

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