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Log hives


As with all our hives, we aim to give the bees a home that mimics their natural habitat as close as possible. Log hives are in that sense the ultimate option because they are almost exactly the same as a natural bee hive. Optimum in natural insulation, temperature and moisture control, rough inner sides for the bees to propolise, and entrances as the bees would find in the wild. Above the main log we create a bespoke adaptor to allow a small honey take or insulation in the annex box that sits on top as with the Custos hive.

We have made many different log hives, the interiors shaped to match the bees needs. They all look unique due to the available different trunks we have sourced locally but at the same time the interior is a hollow tree.. Bees thrive in these hives.

The majority of our log hives are rather large and therefore impractical to hoist into trees, these we recommend are placed on secure stands on steep banks or on old tree stumps;  but we often have log hives available that are of a size and weight that they can be hoisted to a higher position.

Our log hives are made to order after discussing with you what type of log hive you like.

loghive with bees.jpg
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