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Options for taking part and helping the bees:

Sponshorship, sharing hives, take part in rewilding

Most of us now realise how important bees are to the balance of nature, the environment, production of food, to us. And how much they are in decline and face difficulties. Though we would like to see our hives in every back yard, we do understand that this is not a possibility for everyone.

With our sponsor a hive options, we offer opportunities for those wishing to help the bees and take part in preservation beekeeping and rewilding program but can't have the hive themselves. Equally, for people that would love to have a hive in their garden, but need help with the financing.

We also very much like to invite business to work with us. While adopting a beehive and helping them, it gives you're business an opportunity to show you care. You will be featured on our site and social media 

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss options of sharing and sponsorships. We are here to help the bees, any which way.

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