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Introduction to beecentric beekeeping

Are you drawn to the bees and are dreaming of installing a hive in a quiet corner of your garden, just to enjoy them and to help them? But did you get disheartened by what you have seen about 'beekeeping'. The intense management, the interventions, the interference, chemical treatments, the taking of all the honey and feeding the bees a poor sugar substitute...

We would like to show you how beekeeping can be so much better and so much more than that. A simple way of looking after bees, completely natural and beecentric, so taking it from the bees point of view.

In this 3 hour introduction workshop, we will explain basic knowledge of bees, their basic needs and the most important do's and don'ts and why's.


We will start with providing you some knowledge about the bees, how they live, what they need, what the role is of each member of the hive. What is important to bees? What is it that makes them strong and healthy? We will talk about important factors that keep a hive healthy and alive. We hope that by understanding how a hive functions, the idea of beecentric beekeeping becomes a more logical option.

We will also visit our apiary explaining more as we go and answer questions that may arrive from seeing the different hives. We can also show you a wild bee tree or two.

This introduction will give you a place to start from and be more aware of the difference between conventional and natural beekeeping. 

There is no minimum number of attendants needed for this introduction meeting, but the maximum would be a group of 6.

Costs are €20 per person, €15 per person for two to four, €10 per person for a group of four or more visiting us at the same time. Have a look at the calendar page, to see when the next Introduction meeting is planned. Or contact us to arrange a date. It includes of course a drink and cake.

Please note: as beecentered beekeepers, we don't open our hives to have a look inside but observe the bees from the entrance! Bee suits are not supplied, but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish.

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