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Gardening for bees

When we started in beekeeping, we wanted to have the bees to pollinate our fruittrees and vegetable garden. This soon turned around and we now grow food specifically for the bees!

Over the past few years, we have planted bulbs, plants, shrubs and trees that provide our bees with pollen and nectar, all year round. We sow big flower patches and spread the sowing throughout the main foraging season to make sure there is always something around for the bees. We have medicinal plants that are known for their special qualities to help make and keep the hive healthy and combat disease and pests. We mix flowers that give of pollen and or nectar in the cooler hours of the day, and those that thrive in the heat of the summer sun.

We obviously do not use any spray or chemical on our property so the seed we collect and plants and shrubs we multiply are 100% organic.

We love to give you a tour around our garden, explain what bees need to be able to bring up their brood and feed themselves. We will not go too deep into plantsience, but will talk about different plants, pollen values, high nectar species and what bees need most of when. All this so you can provide some most needed forage in your own garden. Whether to feed your own bees, or any visitors. 

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