At Custos Apium we aim to promote and encourage Beecentric and preservation Beekeeping. 
What we do, we do just for the bees.
We are not commercial beekeepers so we don't adhere to modern commercial beekeeping methods. We practice beecentric beekeeping because we believe it is better for the bees. We keep bees for the bees, and not for us.
We offer bee friendly hives designed for the good of the bees and not focused on maximum honey harvesting. We practise and teach minimal interference and no treatment beekeeping whilst working on a rewilding program. We grow and supply as much beeforage as we can. 
Bees are under pressure, this is how we can all help them.

Custos Apium bee hives

Bee hives



Fête des abeilles

28-07-2019  13.00 hrs - 17.00 hrs

 Démonstrations de tissage de ruches en paille 

et de fabrication d’un ruche tronc. 

Jardins à visiter avec différents types de ruche de biodiversité..

Vers 14.00 hrs 

Introduction à l'apiculture naturelle par David Giroux (Apiculteur Naturel dans les Pyrénées) 

et une visite guidée des différents types de ruches, en français

 Entrée gratuite.

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